Infection Control-Sterilization




We assiduously adhere to the most stringent infection control procedures established by the Massachusetts Dental Society, American Dental Society, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP).  We only delegate to our staff those procedures which they are fully licensed and qualified to perform.  


·       All dental staff involved in patient care, scrub their hands before each and every patient along with using appropriate protective coverings such as gloves, masks, uniforms and eyewear.

·       We use new gloves and masks for every patient.

·       We clean and decontaminate all surfaces in each treatment room including the dental chair, the instrument tray, the dental light, the drawer handles and the counter tops.

·       Between patients, we clean and sterilize all non-disposable instruments.  We use hospital-grade dry heat and pressure as well as steam-under-pressure autoclaves to sterilize our instruments. All sterilization equipment is tested daily to guarantee efficacy and, in addition, is monitored by an outside agency, at our expense, to guarantee that it is working properly at all times.

·       We place contaminated disposable items such as needles and gauze in special containers that are removed by a licensed, authorized medical waste disposal service (SteriCycle).  We receive documentation of proper disposal.

·       Also, we contract with an outside agency (Dynamic Dental Safety) to inspect our facility and to review policies with our staff on a regular basis. This protocol is not required by the state dental board; however, we feel that it helps to ensure that we are compliant and current in our practices.

You can visit the American Dental Association’s website at and use the search term “infection control” to see an informative video on this topic.


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