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Crafting a Beautiful Smile with Dental Implants in Medfield, MA

Sean Rayment, DMD, DSc, provides several restorative services to help his patients eat, speak, and smile normally once again. Medfield Smiles helps patients in Medfield, Norfolk, Westwood, and the surrounding MetroWest communities improve their smiles with dental implants. Call our practice today to see whether dental implants are right for you.

The Dental Implant Process

The first step of receiving dental implants is to surgically place the implant post, which is an artificial tooth root. Dr. Rayment has the training and practice necessary to place the post. Once placed, the post begins to integrate into the jaw bone. Eventually, these units will become inseparable from the bone itself and give the overall implant a resilience comparable to natural teeth.

During the integration period, a protective abutment is added to the post to protect the placement site as it heals. When integration is complete, our dentist adds a connective abutment to the implant post.

Lastly, Dr. Rayment adds the dental implant restoration to the connective abutment, completing the dental implant process.  The restoration is the visible tooth. Typically a crown or bridge made of porcelain or a full denture made of acrylic, these dental prosthetics make chewing food and speaking easier. The restoration used depends upon how many teeth you need to replace and how many implants were placed.

By the end of the entire process, your smile’s health and beauty will be fully restored.

Additional Options for Your Implant Needs

In addition to the standard options within a dental implant process, Medfield Smiles also offers the following options to best suit your restoration needs:

Mini Implants – Not every patient has the jaw bone density required to place a standard implant. In these cases, Dr. Rayment can place a mini implant. These implants feature much smaller posts, enabling placement and effective integration in thinner jaws.

Hybrid Permanent Dentures – A cross between a bridge and a denture, this prosthesis is screwed onto the abutment to replace a full arch of teeth. Whereas implant-supported dentures are removable for easier cleaning and maintenance, a hybrid denture could only be removed by a dentist. The gumline on the denture leaves little room for debris or food particles to be trapped underneath, and the teeth of the denture can be designed for brushing and flossing as if they were the original teeth.

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Medfield Smiles places and restores dental implants for patients near Medfield, Norfolk, and Westwood. Call us today to see how else we can help you develop the smile you desire. 

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