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Dr. Sean Rayment always strives to provide the best dental services he can offer. In order to be able to do so, he follows certain principles. Medfield Smiles provides dental services through a set patient-care philosophy to patients in Medfield, Norfolk, Westwood, and the surrounding MetroWest communities.

Mastering Our Skills to Meet Your Needs

The skill of your dentist is crucial to helping you get the proper care you deserve. Receiving dental care from a dentist who constantly improves their skill set can make the difference between a good dental appointment and a great one.

Dr. Rayment is dedicated to improving his capabilities to ensure proper patient care. He is a member of the Spears, Gordon Christensen, and CerecDoctors.com study clubs, three continuing education groups known for their high-quality training and continuing education. Attending these and other courses allow him to learn new procedures and improve upon existing ones, such as when we began to use a CEREC machine.

Expanding our Knowledge

Of course, knowing how to perform a new procedure effectively is only part of dentistry. A dental practice must also be able to improve its awareness of all procedures it offers so that the dentist has as many options at their disposal as possible in order to fully treat the unique needs of their patients.

Dr. Rayment has a strong educational background that he has developed throughout his career. Our dentist is dedicated to continuing education; he not only learns new skills, but he also learns as much about his dental procedures as possible. Dental implant placement, cosmetic dental procedures, and providing different dental restorations are all vital procedures Dr. Rayment can now provide because of his continuing education procedures. Even before these courses, he participated in four years of postgraduate research at Boston University, giving him a more effective foundation for treating his patients.

Implementing New Technology

A dentist also needs modern tools to properly treat their patients. Medfield Smiles has several of these technologies that allow our dentist to help you develop a healthier smile. In addition to single-visit crowns through CEREC, we also use digital radiography methods and Sirona® 3-D imaging tools. These imaging programs help Dr. Rayment diagnose conditions affecting your oral health more accurately and earlier than would otherwise be possible.

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Education, skill, and the right tools are vital to a successful dental treatment. Medfield Smiles uses all three of these to treat patients in Medfield, Norfolk, Westwood, and beyond. To learn more, or to schedule your next appointment, call us today!

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