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Treating Smiles for the Whole Family in Medfield, MAFamily Dentist in Medfield, MA

It can be difficult to find a dentist who will treat both adults and children in your family. Sean Rayment, DMD proudly serves patients of almost any age and offers several treatments to protect your child’s smile. Medfield Smiles provides family dentistry in Medfield, Norfolk, Westwood, and the surrounding areas.

Children’s Dental Exams

We can see patients as young as one-year-old for their first ever dental visit. With some exceptions, we often refer out to a pediatric dentist after this first visit in order to make sure your child receives the most effective care. We usually start seeing children for their biannual dental checkups when they are three or four years old.

During your child’s dental exam, we take our time to make your child’s visit comfortable and help them develop their understanding of their dental care. Becoming comfortable at the dentist as a child is the key to preventing dental anxieties and receiving care throughout their life. Regular dental exams for children protect both their current and future smiles.

Fluoride and Sealantsexample of sealant on a tooth

Because they are still learning how to properly brush and floss their teeth, children are the most susceptible to tooth decay. Healthy baby teeth improve the health of the adult teeth that eventually replace them, which makes protecting a child’s smile critically important. As such, our Medfield dentist offers fluoride treatments and sealants.

Fluoride is a mineral present in everyday items, such as toothpaste and water that helps rebuild the enamel of teeth. Children can benefit from fluoride just as adults can, but they are also more susceptible to fluoride overexposure, which has its own oral health consequences. The best way to balance this is if your child avoids fluoridated products at home and instead gets a fluoride treatment from Dr. Rayment during their dental visits.

Sealants are plastic coverings that prevent food particles from getting stuck on molars. The oral bacteria which cause tooth decay feed off of these particles, and molars have multiple folds that make it easy for food to become trapped. This means molars are the most susceptible to tooth decay. In order to help your child maintain a healthy smile, our practice places sealants for your child.

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Medfield Smiles offers family dental care to adults and children in Medfield and all surrounding MetroWest communities. To learn more about the different types of dentistry we provide, call our practice today!

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