TMJ Treatment in Medfield, MA 

TMJ or temporomandibular joint dysfunction can interfere with everyday life and obstruct our ability to chew and sometimes speak comfortably. At Medfield Smiles, Dr. Sean Rayment offers patients treatments for TMJ to restore function and comfort.

Signs and Symptoms of TMJTMJ Treatment, Medfield

TMJ can begin as aches and pains in the neck, but the symptoms worsen during periods of stress. This can lead to severe discomfort and dizziness. The main cause of TMJ is often due to misaligned teeth which leads to an uneven bite. There are appliances available that can help adjust or resolve malocclusion without the need for surgery. Grinding teeth is both a result and cause of temporomandibular joint dysfunction as it erodes the structure of teeth. This negatively affects a person’s bite and can lead to other dental complications.

When left untreated, TMJ can lead to the deterioration of jaw bones and cause teeth to loosen. Our dentist at Medfield Smiles encourages people in the Medfield area to visit our practice so they may obtain a comprehensive diagnosis of their oral health.

TMJ Treatment at Our Office

Dr. Sean Rayment offers various forms of treatment that combat the effects of jaw joint dysfunction. We provide medication for the pain, suggest diet changes, occlusal adjust, as well as appliance therapy. At it’s most complex and severe, TMJ d may require specialized surgical treatment, in which we refer you to a trusted specialist so you may receive the care you deserve.

Our Medfield dental practice offers oral appliance therapy and occlusal corroboration to combat TMJ dysfunction. Oral appliance therapy is a specially molded bite guard that protects the teeth from grinding while you sleep at night. We gather impressions of your smile so a trusted dental lab may fabricate trays that are specifically meant for your dental anatomy. Unlike sleep guards you can buy at your local pharmacy, these appliances are designed with the quality and purpose of treating the cause of your TMJ.

Occlusal corroboration requires the adjustment of the bite by using crowns, bridges, or braces. Modifying teeth and building them with restorative dentistry creates a stable bite and balances out the chewing surface of the teeth. Our dentist works with you to create a treatment plan that is best suited for you.  This ensures that you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile and do not experience discomfort.

Have a Healthy Bite with TMJ Treatment in Medfield

Dr. Sean Rayment and the rest of the staff at Medfield Smiles are dedicated to our patients’ oral health and comfort. For more information about TMJ and its treatments, contact our office today.

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