Tooth Erosion




Teens' Oral Health
Fast-paced Lifestyle Eroding Teens' Teeth

Today's fast-paced lifestyle threatens to leave a generation with permanent damage to oral and overall health. Adolescence is the time of peak bone growth, a time when more nutrient-packed calories are essential to fuel growing bodies and strengthen teeth and bones, however adolescence is the same time when soda and sugary, high-carbohydrate foods are rapidly displacing healthy foods such as milk, fruits and vegetables. Learn how bad food choices can dramatically impact oral health.


Tooth Erosion
Consume pickles, lemons and soft drinks in moderation
Frequently consuming foods with a low pH value, such as soft drinks, fruit juices, pickles, fresh fruit and yogurt can lead to irreversible dental erosion. Dental erosion is the breakdown of tooth structure caused by the effect of acid on the teeth. Dental enamel is the thin, outer layer of hard tissue that helps maintain the tooth's structure and shape while protecting it from decay. Learn which foods in your diet cause tooth erosion.


Adult Nutrition
Improper Consumption of Foods Could Lead to Destroyed Enamel

Fruit, yogurt, citrus and soft drinks may seem like harmless snacks and beverages, but improper consumption and overuse may lead to devastating and permanent damage to teeth. It’s known as tooth erosion, the breakdown of tooth structure caused by the effect of acid on the teeth that leads to decay. Learn ways you can take action and fight tooth erosion!


FAQs: Tooth Erosion 
Tooth erosion, or tooth wear, is the loss of tooth structure. It is caused when the enamel on your teeth is worn away by acid. Usually the calcium contained in saliva will help remineralize (or strengthen) your teeth after you consume small amounts of acid, but the presence of a lot of acid in your mouth does not allow for remineralization.  Read more about  what you can do to prevent it.


Mouthrinses and Tooth Erosion:

Rinsing with any solution with a pH of 5.0 or lower has the potential to disolve tooth enamel.  Brushing after rinsing with an acidic mouthrinse can speed tooth enamel erosion.  It is best not to brush immediately after eating acidic foods or drinking acidic drinks or after using an acidic mouthrinse.  See the following table for the pH of several popular rinses.

Acidity of Mouthrinses




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