Sugar Content of Popular Foods



The sugar content of popular foods may surprise you! 

 Each 4.2 gm cube is a teaspoonful.


Minute Maid OJ  Sugar Content    Prego Marianara Sauce  Sugar Content    Vitamin Water  Sugar Content   

Cheerios  Sugar Content    Chips Ahoy-Sugar Content    Cinnabon  Sugar Content    

Coca Cola- Sugar Content    Mountain Dew- Sugar Content    Nectarine- Sugar Content

Apple- Sugar Content    Carrots- Sugar Content    Corn- Sugar Content

Orange- Sugar Content    Grapes- Sugar Content    Hagen Dazs  Sugar Content

Jello- Sugar Content    Oreo Cookies  Sugar Content    Heinz Ketchup  Sugar Content

Red Bull- Sugar Content    Milk Shake Sugar Content    Special K  Sugar Content


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