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Meet the Staff of Medfield Smiles

Becky Harrington, Office Manager

Becky has been with the office for 9 years and has worked in the dental field for 17 years. She started out as a Dental Assistant and then came to Medfield Smiles working at our front desk and ultimately as our Office Manager. With her experience in all aspects of the dental office, she has great insight into dental treatment as well as dental insurance companies. She is able to explain the most complex dental questions and treatment plans to our patients so they understand their options. When not in the office, Becky enjoys spending time with her husband Matt and two boys, Shane and Ryan.

Heather Raymond, Certified Dental Assistant

Heather has been a dental assistant for 18 years and has worked with Dr. Rayment in Franklin and Medfield for the past 5 years. She is highly skilled along with making her patients feel very relaxed and comfortable when they are with us. When not working, she loves being outside with her husband, 3 kids, dog, bunny, gecko and 6 chickens! She also enjoys cooking and gardening (but not groundhogs). 

Jenni Saucier, Registered Dental Hygienist 

Jenni joined Medfield Smiles more than 7 years ago and is one of our two full time hygienists. Since joining the practice, she has developed a very loyal following of patients who love to come see her every 6 months. She is meticulous about her work and so good at making her patients feel comfortable. She enjoys spending time with her husband, their pets,  and has been known to rescue stray dogs. A real animal lover!

Birgit Hannon, Certified Dental Assistant 

Birgit, or “B” as most people know her, has been a certified dental assistant for over 30 years and has been with Medfield Smiles for over 19 years. Patients appreciate her gentle and compassionate bedside manner. B was born in Germany and she enjoys travelling to parks and the beach, as well as hiking with her husband.

Stacy Radbil, Registered Dental Hygienist 

Stacy also joined Medfield Smiles this year and we are thrilled to have her on our team. After finishing college in Rhode Island, she graduated from Forsyth Hygiene School in Boston. She has been practicing dental hygiene for almost 10 years and has been responsible for establishing outstanding hygiene departments and protocols in several offices. Stacy is a friendly and compassionate clinician who enjoys seeing her patients with healthy smiles. Fluent is two languages, Stacy can remind you to floss in both English and Russian. When not helping her patients in the office, she enjoys spending time with her family. 

Tarsila Broll, Registered Dental Hygienist

Tarsila recently joined Medfield Smiles as a dental hygienist but has known and worked with Dr. Rayment for more than 20 years! Tarsila earned her RDH degree from Forsyth Hygiene school in Boston. What she most enjoys about her job is not only helping her patients with their oral health, but also making them feel comfortable at the office. She loves getting to know people and developing a good relationship with them. She looks forward to their visits so she can catch up on their lives. She was born and raised in Brazil and speaks Portuguese and English as well as recently learning Italian and French as a hobby. She enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, travelling, yoga and practicing mindfulness.

Joanne Cox, Patient Coordinator

Joanne has worked with Dr. Rayment for more than 7 years, both in Medfield and in Dr. Rayment’s former practice in Franklin. As the Patient Coordinator, Joanne is often the person that our patients speak with when they call the office. She helps with scheduling appointments as well as answering questions about their treatment and coordinating dental insurance benefits as well. When not here helping our patients, Joanne enjoys long walks and reading, especially historical fiction. She and her husband Tom have been married for 35 years and have two grown children that are living and working in Chicago. Joanne loves to travel and is always interested to hear about new trips our patients are planning or returning from.

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