Single-Visit CEREC Restorations in Medfield, MA

Restorative dental procedures rebuild the structures of teeth which have been worn down or damaged. Our dentist, Sean Rayment, DMD, provides these restorations quickly and effectively through the use of a CEREC system. Medfield Smiles provides CEREC restorations in Medfield, Norfolk, Westwood, and the surrounding communities.

What is CEREC?

CEREC is a method that enables Dr. Rayment to craft crowns, veneers, inlays, and onlays within a single visit to our practice. This method uses computer-assisted design (CAD) software to digitally plan out the prosthesis and a computer-aided manufacture (CAM) device to carve out the restoration.

During your appointment at Medfield Smiles, Dr. Rayment will first determine the type of restoration you need as part of your exam. Then, our dentist makes sure that the restoration fits your smile perfectly by taking impressions and digital images of your smile. The CAD software uses this information to make sure the restoration’s shape fits into your smile. The CAM milling machine immediately sets to creating the specific restoration you need out of dental porcelain. Once your new crown or veneer is crafted, Dr. Rayment places the crown onto your tooth.

You will have a healthier smile as soon as you complete your appointment at our Medfield CEREC dental practice.

The Benefits of CEREC

Traditionally, crowns had to be made by a dental laboratory. While labs have their advantages, this process left patients waiting two weeks for their new crowns. CEREC avoids this inconvenience, so patients do not have to worry about unreliable temporary restorations or waiting to complete treatment. By extending the length of your appointment to accommodate the milling process, Dr. Rayment is able to immediately deliver your new crown, veneer, or other prosthesis within a single visit.

Additionally, CEREC provides well-balanced restorations for your smile’s aesthetic and restorative needs because it mills your new tooth out of dental porcelain. Porcelain is durable enough to withstand chewing and other daily stresses, and it also blends into the smile because it has the same color and translucence as a natural, healthy tooth. We use several different brands of porcelain—e.max®, VITA® Mark II, and VITA Triluxe—each providing a different balance of beauty and durability.

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